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S. THANGAPAZHAM POLYTECHNIC COLLEGE, Library has wide range of books in Engineering,other subjects and general books.
It subscribed 10 number of National Journals, International Journals and news papers to improve the knowledge and wistom to all students,staffs and the public.Also the library has been added good number of books,magazines.journals (National & International) every year.
Free net connections are available for the students & staffs in 16 numbers of terminals.Students and Teachers are allowed to use net work connection at free of cost at any time during the library hours. Reprographic facilities available for the benifit of the students,staffs and public.
                                                                           NUMBER OF TITLE - 2136
                                                                           NUMBER OF VOLUME - 4819
National Journal         - 8
International Journal - 2
Magazines                - 22
E-Journal Magazines - 2